Dear Sir,

I'm honoured to help the project dealing with  St. Sava and the spiritual renewal of our nation.

I think it is high time that we did something relating this issue and this project (I hope) is just the beginning of a great action where we develop love, understanding, support, patriotism among all Serbs wherever they live and work.


Predrag Stojkovic

Mississauga, Canada


Warm greetings from the Šar mountain, from the village of Drajkovce in Sirinić parish! I was very pleased with your initiative, because I have been saying for years to the children in the school where I work and to my colleagues that it is a great shame and disgrace that we do not have a film that would speak about St. Simeon and St. Sava. I wish, therefore, to make a modest financial contribution and join your efforts to make such a film come to fruition. Please provide to me the number of a bank account to which I may send a donation. Our motto: With God forward!


Thank you for your prompt response and I wish that this, it can be said, historical achievement of yours be screened as soon as possible everywhere where there are Serbs, including this “parcel” of Serbian land (under the current occupation), which carries its name way back from the time of St. Simeon and St. Sava.

Best regards ,

Srdjan with his family .


Dear Sir,

I and my family we are incredibly happy about our little contribution .

We currently live in the village of Drajkovce on the very border with the Albanian village of Firaja , but in our ID cards the address is the village Berevce, Strpce, so you can put it that way.

Best regards from Vojin (age 6), Angelina (age 9) and Zorica and Srđan Mladenović.


I hope I support the right thing – showing of Saint Sava in light

For soon as possible recovery of the Serbian identity.


Rodoljub Miljkovic , Toronto