07 June 2015

Participate in the creation of a new Savian Serbia!

You will immediately understand that this is not an ordinary film. It is a joint ceremony of asking a question to the Holy Fathers of Serbia: what they intended to us, what is our destiny, and what do we do? You are not expected to passively follow the formal collective action, but your involvement in the implementation of joint work, completely inappropriate to a time of disappointment, uncertainty and despair. Participate in the launch of the Serbian return to the future. 



Monastery Hilandar – Mount Athos

At Hilandar,


13/26 July 2013


On the Day of Venerable Fathers of Hilandar,


No. 52


To Foundation Nasleđe otaca;


Production House OPET&OPET,




Great nations have awareness of their extent, of the place of each generation in their history. Recognition of the heritage that was given to us as a salutary experience of our ancestors is always a good footing for further development and a creative attitude towards life. It is not merely a memory, or an outdated relic of the past, but a foundation, a woof and warp of the fine weaving of spirit and culture that never ceases and in every epoch adds its own unique and inimitable pattern.


In the accelerated time of the 21st century, the Serbian nation seems to have entangled itself in a the maelstrom of historical events, in the intricate threads of oblivion, rushing headlong towards abyss, getting way and away from the pinnacle of the spirit in which it had once resided. How to rediscover the spiritual identity, to resist the forces of gravity of the world, how to find the beginning of that fabric of life are all questions of our generation.


As one of credible answers to all these challenges and dilemmas, we have received with joy the news of the idea and intention of the Foundation Nasleđe otaca and Production House Opet&Opet of the making of the first feature film about St. Sava, under the title The Father. As the spiritual father of the Serbian people, Saint Sava represents The Beginning, that quintessential landmark and a way sign, an always current guide through historical adversity and fate.


Eight centuries away from the time of Saint Sava and his father, Venerable Simeon the Myrrh-Gusher, we walk the same earth; we find their legacy of stone, word and spirit. They are still around us and in us; by recognizing them we shall recognize ourselves.


We trust that a narrative conveyed in the language of cinema of the time when we emerged as a nation, church and society, can provide a great and so necessary an inspiration, can teach and fortify the souls of our contemporaries, especially the young, from whom the salvific teaching of Christ seems to have been hidden almost.


In firm belief that our brother in Christ, Deacon Nenad Ilić, possesses God-given talents to authentically, in an inspired and filigree manner, transfer to the screen our saints, we are offering to him and to his collaborators Foundation Nasleđe otaca and Production House Opet&Opet our heartfelt support.


We pray to the All-Holy Theothokos, the patron of the Holy Mountain, to St. Sava Serbian, to Venerable Simeon the Myrrh-Gusher, to the founders of our Holy Family and to All Our Venerable Fathers, the founders of Hilandar which we celebrate today, that God enlighten and fortify with His beneficial powers all those who are involved and who with their efforts contribute to the formation of this joint effort.


Hegumenos of Monastery Hilandar,


Archimandrite Metodius


With his brethren in Christ