Preparations and development


At this stage – which will last throughout 2013./2015. – your support is most valuable. One could say that this phase is the laying of the foundations for our major common project:


Foundation for the Serbian Orthodox and National Culture Sveti Nikolaj Srpski is working on collecting the first contributions.


A Belgrade company OPET & OPET d.o.o. is assigned as executive producer for the film with Deacon Nenad Ilić as the main screenplay writer.


The design of the first marketing activities together with the development of the Internet project have been completed.


The first web site for the film is ready and online – it is where you are now.


The work is on familiarizing the public with the project and gaining as wider support as possible. Media campaign kicks off as well as a broad Internet presence.


Fundraising is carried out to ensure the transition to the second stage and the continued cooperation with the announced patrons of the film.


The screenplay is receiving its final touches. The writers, along with associates in various fields, are bringing the screenplay to the level at which other stakeholders, such as the director, art director, set designer, costume designer, and director of photography will be able to participate in its development.


The precise storyboard of the film is under construction, as well as the detailed film budget.


The primary casting is being done (with special media-handled auditions for some of the main characters), together with the choice of the main associates, locations, recording studios, techniques; a basic timeline of the works is being drawn.


The end of this stage will see more frequent meetings between the members of the film crew, the preparations, location tours, consultations regarding the development of special effects, etc.


Due to the savings and preparation of necessary materials for the upcoming filming in the studio, and should the budget be filled to the necessary extent, during the year there will be first filming of Mt. Athos and its landscapes throughout all seasons of the year.


Support The Father. Join us in the making of the film, from the very beginning!

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